Member Letter: Courtney on Education

Fellow Patriot Rita Conrad submits the following letter to the Villager Newspapers and to Congressman Courtney. (Please note opinions expressed in member letters are those of their authors, and are not necessarily official opinions of the QCTPP.)

Dear Congressman Courtney,

Are we going down the road of Free Higher Education, Congressman Courtney?  Your recent “tick-tock” response to concerns about your effort to continue low interest rates on student loans gave me the impression that a singular goal is to ease the pain of college students, showing little regard for the rest of us suffering from the harsh realities of high gas prices and lost jobs.

Your constituents now understand that “investment” means spending.  We now understand “revenue” is raised to support the spending through involuntary taxation.  Furthermore, when someone is “given” something, the “givers” usually expect a result for their investment.  You spoke of Connecticut’s potential business sector global competitiveness at a NE Chamber of Commerce breakfast in August of 2011, but HR 3682 does not put Connecticut businesses in any better of a position as far as educating students in engineering, math, science, or other technical degrees. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to specify which degrees the taxpayers will pay for?  There is no such stipulation in this bill.

Another of my concerns is the fact that people will undoubtedly abuse this entitlement. Most everyone knows of someone remaining as a career student for years.  There needs to be some assurance that taxpayers will have a return on their investment, while at the same time ensuring that the taxpayer will not be left ‘holding the bag’ when students do not fulfill specific requirements.   Where is the stipulation that the student receiving the low interest rate loans must graduate in order to take advantage of this program?

It’s your job to be sure Congress uses discretion and fiscal prudence with our tax dollars. Please do so by dropping this proposal or adding language promising a successful return on our investment in Connecticut’s global competitiveness.

Rita Conrad
Pomfret Center, CT

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2 Responses to Member Letter: Courtney on Education

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