Opinion Letter: Connecticut not so “Open” for Business

Quiet Corner patriot Rita Conrad submits the following letter to the Villager Newspapers about the recent denial of a RI-based moving company wishing to do business in Connecticut.  Here is what Rita has to say:  (Please note opinions in member letters are those of their authors, and are not necessarily official opinions of the QCTPP)

Letter to the Editor:

“Only in CT” can be said in regards to a May 14 article, written by Lee Howard in The Day, reporting on the CT DOT’s denial of a RI-based moving company’s request to open a branch in Stonington.  The DOT’s reason paraphrased:  Don’t come to CT—you haven’t proven we need your business here!  The article was shocking in that it pounds home the reality of what taxed-to-death citizens of Connecticut are faced with.

Rogue agencies and branches of government are given too much power over important decisions involving our business sector and our overall economy. On top of that, Connecticut’s Legislative branch, along with the Governor’s seat, are imbedded with a liberal majority owning no business savvy and having a single focus — getting re-elected by focusing on social issues almost exclusively. They have proven that their goals are to elevate spending and lay-on taxes to pay for it, while mishandling opportunities to build the State’s revenue base.  Their continual attack on the business sector goes unaddressed at great cost to the people. This must change in order for the State of Connecticut to go forth.

A solution is to elect new leadership that understands the value of competent business negotiations.  There is a great group of candidates stepping up to the plate now, including Sally White in her bid for Senator Williams’s seat.  Getting behind them by volunteering and donating money will result in better job creation and economic development.  Remember in November!

Rita Conrad
Pomfret, CT

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