Quiet Corner CT Primary Results

For US Senate, Linda crushed Chris Shays by 46% for the nomination (73% to 27%).   Chris Murphy crushed Susan B. by 36 points for the Democrat nomination.  Interesting, Pomfret and Sterling had the highest percent for Shays; and Linda’s highest vote share was in Windham with 79%.

For US House seats, only District 2 & 5 had primaries.  Paul Formica crushed Daria Novak (by 34 points, 67% to 33%).  Not bad for a guy that jumps into the race just over a week before the GOP convention in May and wins the party endorsement and primary.  He will now challenge joltin Joe Courtney in November.   21,482 voters came out in District 2 for a primary vote, state wide about 115,192 came out for GOP voters, and 138,699 for the Dems.  seems reasonable the Dems can claim an 18,000 voter enthusiasm advantage. 

So if i get this right, A Republican (Paul) who believes in Federal administration of “smart economic development” and “jobs training” is running against a Democrat (Joe) who believes in smart federal economic development and jobs training.  Yikes!  

Daria won only 6 towns (Clinton, Brooklyn, Killingly, Putnam (highest in the District at 64%), Pomfret, Thompson (next in district @ 60%).  Regionally on a percentage basis, she did the best in the Quiet Corner.  In a three way race for the 5th district, Mark Greenberg, a conservative favorite fell 5% short losing to Roraback, with Lisa Wilson-Foley taking 21%.  A summary is provided below.

A Quiet Corner Town by Town Summary is provided below. 

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