” No, no, no — don’t boo, vote.  Voting is the best revenge” shouted President Obama on Friday in Ohio inciting a crowd of supporters to be vengeful.  Vote for revenge, how classless and unpresidential.  Vote not for ideas and vision, but for retribution.  What else is to be expected from a President that seeks to divide citizens through class envy, gender, race and special favors rather than ideas and thoughtful discussion?  A Saul Alinsky, community strategy at a national level from one of Saul’s prize students. 

My question:  revenge for what sir?   

Revenge for the perpetual deficit spending averaging over $1 trillion per year forever with a $16 trillion debt that is immoral and will enslave our children and theirs; or the stagnant 8% unemployment and a paltry, one step ahead of a recession, economic growth with doubling of gasoline prices; or the historic welfare and disability payments; or the…

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