Below is a link to a great article published from the Mises Institute entitled The Fallacy of the “Public Sector” from Murray Rothbard first published in 1961.  (http://www.mises.org/daily/5601/The-Fallacy-of-the-Public-Sector)

The article addresses: 

  1. Debunks the progressives and statists fallacy that the “Public” and Private sectors are equally productive in our economy – they are not, not by a long shot, or any shot
  2. The “Public” sector only exists at the expense of the Private sector (consumers/citizens and investors).  – a truism, no matter the civilization
  3. Government bureaucracies and lawyers do not produce any wealth for our nation – our country is awash with government oversight and litigation   
  4. “Any reduction of the public sector, any shift of activities from the public to the private sphere, is a net moral and economic gain”  said Ludwig Von Mises – true today as in 1961
  5. When our government is challenged to do better…

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