GOP to Fight or Die

The GOP must fight for its principles, or die says David Garth at the American Thinker (full article link below). 

Mr. Garth writes:  “This is not the time for moderates or moderation.  Republicans must provide a crystal clear alternative to the voters – a leviathan, intrusive federal government or a small, responsive government that believes in the individual and the rights of the individual states.  Let the moderates decide what kind of future they want.”

He cajoles the GOP:  “Pull yourself together, gird your loins, and get ready to fight for the principles you supposedly espouse.”. 

It will be interesting to see what direction the GOP takes.  The GOP has lost the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections.  In the past six elections, they average 211 electoral votes, the Democrats average 327.

Will they go moderate, a Democrat lite, or will they move in a conservative direction to offer a clear voter alternative for the county? 

Those against the moderate approach, the conservative wing of the party, point to losers such as Romney, McCain, Dole and Bush Sr..  They look to Ronald Reagan as their proof (first won 30+ years ago), and standard bearer for conservatism as a national strategy.  They point to the historical 2010 election as proof that conservatism can win.  They point to GOP control of the Governorships in 30 states, and control of a clear majority of state legislators as further evidence that conservatism works.  They are not prepared to become Blue Dog Democrats in the new world order.

The GOP establishment or moderate view sees the last successful GOP candidate as George W. Bush, a compassionate conservative or moderate (note:  he won his first election without winning the popular vote, and garnered 271 and 286 electoral votes in his two wins) .   This moderate GOP view is that the GOP needs to change, and become more “in tune”.  For example, amnesty needs to be considered for illegal aliens, tax increases need to be accepted, etc.

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Full article from the American Thinker can be found here: ).

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