Government Employment on the Rise

 State Capatilism

“The ‘private sector’ of the economy is, in fact, the voluntary sector; and the ‘public sector’ is, in fact, the coercive sector.”  — Henry Hazlitt

Key tenets of President Obama’s economic growth strategy are more borrowing, more government spending, and higher taxes to implement a bigger and more intrusive government.  According to the President, this is how you create jobs and a robust, sustainable economy.

As reported by Kyle Becker in the Independent Journal, of the 847,000 new jobs created in the past 5 months, 73.3% are government jobs.  621,000 new government employees for we taxpayers to fund.  Unemployment for government workers has decreased from 5.7% in July, to 3.8% in November.   The full article can be found here

Think about that, a less than 4% unemployment rate for government workers when the country is at about 8% and the American workforce participation is at historic lows.    Predictably, federal government and public union employees are doing quite well under this president.   Since December of 2007, government employment is up 7.5% while private sector employment is down almost 4%. 

Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times reports – The Obama administration says the government will grow to 2.15 million employees this year, topping 2 million for the first time since President Clinton declared that “the era of big government is over” and joined forces with a Republican-led Congress in the 1990s to pare back the federal work force.

From the Independent Journal – “On the employment front, the mainstream media are doing cartwheels over news that the unemployment rate ticked down from 7.9% in October to 7.7% in November.  The celebration comes as 540,000 dropped out of the workforce, and the labor force participation rate dropped to 63.6%. This is slightly up from the thirty-year low of 63.5% in September.  If you counted the underemployed, the unemployment rate rose 6% from 8.9% to  9.4%. 

According to Fox news, 35,000 or 24% of the 146,000 jobs created in November were government jobs. 

A bigger, more intrusive government is integral to the President’s and the progressive Democrat’s economic plan for America.  A bigger more dependant populace is part of their electoral strategy.  


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