Gun Activists! Conservative activists welcome you aboard!

The following guest commentary comes to us by way of Rita Conrad

Conservative activists have been breathlessly waiting for help to arrive from the ranks of our peers over the last four years.  Since 2008 and 2009, those of us who recognized that the government has dangerously overreached into our personal lives have been on the front lines of a harrowing battle to restore our nation.  Along the way, we have spent every waking moment reeducating ourselves on American history, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our Framers’ intent, current events in our local/state/federal government and politics.  While it has been aggravating, depressing, infuriating, it has also been an amazing trip.  Some of us have experienced many new relationships, while many have faced the loss of old friends, and in some cases, family, who do not agree with our values.  We have sacrificed greatly in the way of money and free time.  I know no one in this movement who regrets any of it. Our goal is simple.  However, at times that goal seems completely unobtainable with the few who are on the front lines.

Will the 2nd Amendment issue bring more activists aboard?  We certainly pray so and we certainly welcome them.  This likelihood showed itself during the Connecticut Gun Appreciation Day in January.  The crowd reached past 3,000. Alas; Conservative CT rallies have never drawn that many attendees – even with our clear message.  It was both exhilarating and sad to behold that so many folks finally awoke and decided to take action for what they believe to be a right and a Natural Law.  As I stood among so many focused people, I could not help but ask “where have you people been since 2009”?  Where?  Why haven’t you looked up and noticed that the politicos were clearly headed toward legislating away more of our freedoms?  Even more frightening of a question:  “is this the ONLY overreach by our government that you have noticed?” 

This is not to chastise the gun rights activists, but to beg that they continue educating themselves on what makes our country so exceptional.  I pray that they recognize this one issue is only part of the liberal progressive movement. There are many more components to that movement that need our undivided attention in order to thwart.  We cannot do this alone. It will take leagues of concerned citizens to put a halt to it.

Therefore, this is a plea to those that woke up after Newtown to find that they are living in a different country. Please take the time and make the effort to restore our nation and put us back on the path of balance and common sense.

Rita Conrad

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