Sequestration: The Latest Non Crisis not to go to Waste

Recently, Bob Woodward of Watergate fame called out our President for his incessant lie that the 2011 Budget Control Act (BCA) sequestration idea was not his, but the Republicans.  For progressive liberals and most politicians, lying to the public is easy, and justified; and therefore morally acceptable with the Political, Media, Entertainment and Academic elites don’t you know. 

Imagine, In August 2011, our President and Congress told We the People that the BCA sequestration was a good solution, a bipartisan solution, and they all took credit for averting the looming debt ceiling crisis.  Today, not so much.  Today, they tell us sequestration is a crisis, foolish, and not their fault.  How absurd.   

Today, the President and White House after completing its two month demagoguery and messaging tour to the low information public with a compliant MSM, and now, after fellow Democrat’s are admitting this as fact, the WH is reluctantly admitting sequestration, a bad idea by all accounts, was the President’s idea.  To the WH, it matters not.  The class warfare, free stuff, and not my fault messages have been delivered.   Whose idea it was is in the past is old news; we must move along, nothing to see here. 

In truth, the sequestration, automatic budget “cuts” agreed to by the President and Congress, is just one more crisis hoax on the American public.  One way to scare us into the need for more government, a means to control more of our lives.   

Fact is, there are no cuts, or reductions in our spending.  Everything, all categories of spending increase with sequestration.  The “crisis” is about reducing the rate of increase to a baseline budget by about 3% per year.  Think of it this way, you are driving off a cliff at 100 mph; you ease off the gas, and reduce your rate of speed to 97 mph and feel safer.  You’ve bought a bit of time.  

The fact is, sequestration is nothing more than a self induced, manufactured crisis created by the President and Congress because they did not have the courage to address their/our fiscal malfeasance back in August of 2011.  In our overall deficit and debt circumstance, it’s like bailing water on the titanic with a tea cup.  

Let’s be serious, $120 billion per year of proposed savings is small ball when you are overspending and borrowing at a rate of $1 trillion per year.  Politicians gnash their teeth, and make much drama about a law to spend $120 billion per year less, yet quietly and knowingly plan to continue over spending and borrowing by about $1 trillion per year, or shifting $6-8 trillion in new debt to our children, and theirs.  All without shame or cognitive dissonance.

In my opinion, the real crisis is a lack of leadership, and abrogation of responsibility exhibited by our elected officials in both parties, those who believe maintaining their power and influence is more important than our constitution, the rule of law and well being of our children and theirs.   

In my view, the President finds leading from behind much easier, and has more legs than he originally thought.   Perhaps and more likely, a commentary on the GOP, and the public than the president.    

My view on sequestration, let the games and budget cuts begin.  Irrational cuts are better than no cuts. 

Let’s get to the hard choices in debates open to the public, as the president promised.  What’s important will soon come to the fore.  Also, let’s not forget, nothing the 113th Congress does binds the 114th and those that follow, so let’s not pretend. 

When challenged by my progressive liberal friends, what is the solution?, I tell them it’s simple, we must stop spending more than we make/collect.  Like any responsible person, our government must prioritize and reduce spending significantly to balance our budget.  It’s really that simple, and yes, things will be different.    

thoughts from one ctserf

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