A CT Plea for Help to Governor Walker

Fellow Patriots,

Below is a letter I sent to Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin who is scheduled to be the featured speaker at the CT GOP’s Prescott Bush awards and fundraising dinner scheduled at the Stamford Marriott on 20 May.

In the letter, I ask him a favor. I ask him to cancel his appearance as the guest speaker to teach the CT GOP a lesson regarding their support and vote on SB 1160 for more gun control laws and their disregard for their constituents, our Second Amendment rights, their oath to our state constitution and the rule of law.

Dear Mr. Walker,

I write with respect and admiration for you, and what you have accomplished for your state. I always use you and Wisconsin as my example of what is possible; if a turnaround can happen in Wisconsin, it so to can happen here in Connecticut.

I’m writing because I and a state full of conservatives need a favor. We need your help, and all we ask is you stay home for an evening. Maybe go to a movie and dinner with your bride.

I’m sure you’re aware, CT just passed the strongest, and most restrictive Second Amendment gun control law in the country with help and assistance from the CT GOP. CT GOP leaders (State Senate Minority Leader John Mckinney and House Minority Leader Larry Cafero) had a choice, and they decided to be fully complicit in creating this law and handing Democrat’s in CT, and around the country, a “bipartisan” cudgel to be used to further restrict and infringe a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.

Both of these gentlemen are basically career politicians, both with eyes on running for governor in 2014 so their ultimate decisions are not surprising. From my view, they ignored overwhelming requests from their state constituent’s, they ignored their oath to our state constitution, and they ignored GOP principles to name just a few of their transgressions. If the GOP, doesn’t and won’t stand for rule of law and our second Amendment rights, who will? In my opinion, GOP principles be damned, the CT GOP leaders, for personal gain, sold me, my fellow citizens, and the GOP out with their participation and votes on this law. They should not be rewarded, and that is why I write and ask for your favor.

You are the scheduled guest speaker for the CT GOP’s Prescott Bush annual award dinner on Monday 20 May. I am writing to ask you, with a hope and a prayer, to reconsider this commitment and cancel this engagement. I ask this of you because we, the conservative little people in CT need your help, we need a victory. We need a game changer to alter our trajectory, and you can be that game changer by declining to attend their awards dinner due to their recent vote and the shame they have brought the GOP. Please, consider helping us. In my view, they do not deserve your credibility, and you do not need their tarnish.

With no disrespect; I believe the CTGOP is using you as a prop to demonstrate their conservative credentials and raise some cash for themselves, so they can have more dinners and photo ops. That’s all. It’s hard to believe there is a weaker, less effective state GOP in the country led by Jerry Labriola. Honestly, you and the people you are about to reward with your credibility, could not be farther apart in conservative convictions or in values and still be considered in the same political universe.

Think about it, you are about to have dinner with GOP leaders despised quite possibly by a clear majority or upwards of 300,000 state registered republicans; about to present possibly the most hated GOP politician in the state an award (Senate Minority Leader John Mckinney), the man who delivered Democrats nationwide a “bipartisan” cudgel. Please, do not reward this incompetence and unprincipled behavior with your presence. Can’t say you haven’t been warned.

If you are known by whom you associate as our first president suggested, you are not doing yourself any favors by coming to CT. The CT GOP needs a lesson in leadership, and I’m hoping you can see your way to deliver one.

I’m not holding out much hope you will honor this request, and I know you are in China, but a hope and a prayer is worth a try. Honestly, you have to wonder, what will the GOP stand for next: that children belong to the state at age two so the GOP can claim a bipartisan compromise victory?

Mr. Walker, please consider helping us truly conservative little people by staying home for a night. Canceling your visit is the game changer we need, and a positive national conservative message for the GOP. For many, there are few bigger sins than the GOP turning their backs on the Second Amendment the way they have in CT.

Sincerely and with Much Respect,

Dale “Duffy” Dauphinais
204 Wright Road
Danielson CT 06239

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