Governor Malloy Writes Check and We are to be Grateful

“In retrospect, ya know . . . probably shouldn’t have done it.”  says Governor Malloy

“In retrospect, ya know . . . probably shouldn’t have done it.” says Governor Malloy

As reported, our governor accepted a free trip to Washington DC to attend a big social event (White House Correspondents’ Dinner) at the expense of a large corporation so he could hob nob with the inside the beltway Pols and Media elites.

He now tells us, “In retrospect, ya know . . . probably shouldn’t have done it.” Ya think. As expected, he blames his staff, writes a check and tells us he’s decided to head it off and that we have more important things to do.

Really governor, you didn’t know $1,200 gifts and free plane rides were not allowed? Did you just think it a perk of the office that a corporation pays you to have a lavish night out?

Seems our governor’s epiphany only occurred after being called out by John Mckinney, GOP Senate Minority leader who has designs on being governor with a 2014 run. Mr. Mckinney appears passionate about the Governor’s trip. I only wish he was so passionate at defending my second amendment rights instead of being a co-conspirator with the Democrats to create the most restrictive gun law in the country.

Most appalling to me about the Governor’s response when confronted: He acts as if he is doing we the people a favor. He takes a trip to DC for personal gain and arguably breaks a law by accepting a gift of $1,234.62, and then tells us, no worries, he’s going to “head it off”; I’ll pay the cost of the trip so we taxpayers do not have to.

He declares he’s decided to “head the whole thing off” , “cut the whole thing off”, and “just write out a check”. No, he will not ask for an opinion from the ethics committee as was being considered. Our governor says “we’re pretty much done with it … you know … there is more important work like the budget …”

Mr. Malloy admits. “In retrospect, … probably shouldn’t have done it.” Maybe he’s not asking the ethics committee because he and his legal counsel already know the answer.

Think about it, our governor takes a personal trip to a lavish social event, and we citizens are to be grateful he is not making us pay for it. How kind of you sire, we so much appreciate your favor upon us.

This is but one example of the problem with our political elites in Hartford and Washington.

See the article below:

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