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An Assault on Voting Freedom in Connecticut

Letter to the Editor published in 20 June Villager: Many Connecticut voters register as “Independent”  or “Unaffiliated” in order to avoid allegiance to any one political party. That is their right and privilege while living in a free nation. According … Continue reading

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Questions for State Senator Williams and Representative Flexer

Below is a Letter to the Editor published in the Killingly Villager 14 June 2013 from Patriot Anne who calls out State Senator Don Williams and State Representative Mae Flexer for not meeting with We the People, their constituents in … Continue reading

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Washington and Hartford: Disdain for the Rule of Law and Abuse of Power

Nowadays, for those in power both in Washington and in Hartford, there is a willful disdain for following the rules of law and governance.  At both the State and Federal level, our progressive friends have progressed our government to where … Continue reading

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Secret Meetings in Hartford, to Rule and be Ruled

As Aristotle instructed, “the virtue of a citizen is the capacity to rule and to be ruled”. The secret meetings and usurpation of our state and federal constitution by the King and Prince of Hartford are stunning.  For Governor Malloy … Continue reading

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