Washington and Hartford: Disdain for the Rule of Law and Abuse of Power

government_boot_right_left_sameNowadays, for those in power both in Washington and in Hartford, there is a willful disdain for following the rules of law and governance.  At both the State and Federal level, our progressive friends have progressed our government to where abuse of power and disregard for the rule of law are seemingly routine.   Our State and Federal Constitutions outdated, no longer applicable. 

It’s the Wilson, FDR, Nixonian, Malloy, Williams view.  If it’s done by a president, or a governor, or a State Senate Pro Tempore, or anointed very, very, very smart Ivy league grads it can’t be wrong, much less unlawful and most assurdely good.  From their view (the political elites), they control the laws and make the rules for God’s sake.  To them, they can’t possibly be wrong, nor should they be questioned.

To the political elite, especially the ruling party, rules of law and order are for losers and naming post offices and bridges.   

For our progressive illiberal friends both in Hartford and Washington, allowing the public and our  Representative’s proper time to read, understand and debate a bill prior to vote is old fashioned, no longer needed.  We’ve progressed beyond public hearings from We the People, despite laws to the contrary.  The attitude by the   majority is – hey, we’re going to do what we want anyway, why waste the time.  Constitution, rule of law?  Who cares?  We’ll just tell the people it is an emergency.

Handing any Representative of We the People a 50, 100 or a 1,000 page bill or amendment that they have not had a chance to read and understand, hours prior to a vote, is worse than incompetence, worse than disingenuous.  It’s malice with forethought and an abuse of power by majority controlled legislative bodies.  Ramming Bills through both our federal and state legislative bodies is now so routine it is no longer reported as news.  We have Constitutions, laws, and rules that prohibit such unsavory and unlawful actions that are routinely ignored by politicians with no consequence for their action. 

For those that vote Yea for a Bill they have not read or understand, shame on you.  At best, you are breaking your oath of office, and simply not doing the job for which you were elected.  This gets you a Despicable score on my Character scale.  My experience tells me too many Representatives these days are fine with this unconstitutional and unlawful arrangement for numerous reasons: political ambition, indifference, laziness and ignorance to name four.  By progressive standards, measuring success on attendance and participation, just by showing up gets them a self assigned great, above average, outstanding rating, and besides, they correctly recognize that history indicates no one seems to care. 

Public hearings required by state law to pass a law.  Who needs those pesky affairs?  The political elites in Hartford declare it’s an emergency and deem that public hearings are unnecessary and not to be conducted.   Are we really to believe that arbitrarily eliminating lawful public hearings to proposed new laws is progress?  Are we to believe that routinely usurping the rights of the people by using CT’s Emergency Certification or Amendment process to pass laws bypassing public comment is right or lawful?  Is that really progress?   

Think about it, our President, his Administration is abusing the power granted by the people to “punish” his political enemies and “reward” his political friends through Chicago style visits and scrutiny from the IRS, EPA, FBI, and NSA to name a few.  In CT, tributes are paid to, and favors doled out by Democrat leaders to include Governor Dannel “The King” Malloy, Don “I Used to be the King, Now I’m Just a Prince” Williams, and Brendan “The House Shark” Sharkey.  From my view, with more than 15 years of Democrat leadership experience, State Senator Don Williams (Democrat District 29) appears the biggest contributor to Connecticut’s economic dysfunction and malaise and the loss of liberty we have experienced as citizens. 

Our government is broke my friends.  It is our responsibility to fix it.  Our children, theirs and posterity are counting on us.  Liberty and Freedom are just one generation away from extinction reminded President Reagan. 

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3 Responses to Washington and Hartford: Disdain for the Rule of Law and Abuse of Power

  1. smokefire says:

    this year has been especially nuts for the people of Connecticut.

  2. Mike Schaefer says:

    I don’t think any of our “leaders” are capable of critical thinking. They are only after legislation, the passage of which, fosters self-perpetuation and that warm and fuzzy feeling.

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