Dear Congressman Courtney, Obamacare is a Travesty


Recently Congressman Courtney requested citizens to participate in his on-line survey and encouraged us to send him an email.  The following email letter was sent by one of our local TPP members.  A first-hand account of how Obamacare is impacting many individuals.  Consider taking the time to contact the Congressman with your thoughts/experiences.

Dear Congressman Courtney, 

The surprises with “ACA” just keep coming.  A few weeks ago my employer informed me that they were discontinuing our “point of service” health insurance plan and enrolling us in a “high deductible” plan.  The reasoning being that in order for our plan to comply with the Ombamacare mandates, the costs would go up, and in coming years we would have to pay the Cadillac penalty.  I now pay first dollar costs to the first $3500 at which point I receive a 70/30 copay.  At $7500 dollars, the copay drops to 80/20.

Being a healthy family, I was not too worried at first, then surprise #2 happened.  I found out that the medication that one of my children requires will now cost me a little more than $2000 every 3 months.  Previously we had been paying a $5 copay on these medications and now this?  How does a family on a budget do this?  My wife and I are hard working professionals but at the end of the month, we have very little left over.  We live modestly (I drive a 12 year old car) but we try to give a decent life to our four children.  I am afraid we will now have to make very difficult choices.  Our child needs these medications to live a normal life; we know we must find a way to afford them.  What can we give up? 

Mr Courtney, I ask you why you continue to support this travesty?  It is not about a failed website, that is nothing but a distraction.  It is about fundamentally transforming the American way of life.  I do believe as millions of Americans continue to get surprises like mine, this law and all those who support it will become more and more unpopular. 

Please, think about your constituents who must live with the results of your actions.  Put yourself in our shoes and let me know if this is still a good idea.

A Local Tea Party Patriot

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