Government Knows we are Dullards

choc milk ban vetoOn 11 June, our governor, Dannel Malloy, vetoed an Education Bill that was unanimously passed by CT’s General Assembly (GA). The Bill implemented a state wide ban on chocolate milk in our school systems. When people found out and the stupidity of it all became apparent, King Malloy looking like a champion of liberty vetoed the Bill. Of course, the bill will be passed, but will be changed to allow the citizen rubes chocolate milk. For the progressive illiberal’s, who cares.

For the statist’s, they own and dictate virtually every other aspect of school lunches and diets, chocolate milk is small organic potatoes for them. Michelle Obama, with no education in nutrition or any relevant qualification, knows best what our and every child in America should eat or drink. After all, chocolate milk can be banned next year along with anything else not deemed progressive.

Think about it, our CT General Assembly and the Federal Department of Education believe we citizens are too stupid, are such dullards that we are not smart enough, do not have the cognitive ability to determine if our children should be allowed chocolate milk in school. A flaming progressive illiberal governor that wants to ban almost anything saved us from our own General Assembly’s ignorance and the corrupt culture of Hartford.

Consider, the Central Planners from Washington and Hartford have determined it is beyond the ability of we citizens of a town to properly decide such matters for our children. Better if the central planners determine what’s best for all children. Bad and stupid parents we are. We must be corrected and controlled for the sake of our children and the future of our country.

Is anyone else insulted by the blatant disregard and disrespect shown we citizens? Are we really so void of intelligence we cannot decide what to feed our children in our own school, the one we pay for with our hard earned money? It’s for the children they say. Why do you hate children they ask?

We accept the government money and obedience at our own peril.

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