Quiet Corner Tea Party Monthly Meeting – Cup of Tea:  Common Core and the SBAC Test Results

This month’s Cup of Tea meeting to be held this Monday, 14 September at the Danielson Elks starting at 7:00 pm vice our normal meeting location the Victoria Station Café due to renovations at VSC.

Our Cup of Tea:  Common Core and SBAC Test Results

I will bring all up to date on the Common Core implementation in Connecticut and the attempts to change our state laws last session in the General Assembly.  I’ll explain how our state legislators are not looking out for us.  You and your child’s privacy being violated daily.

SBAC test results were just released and are a disaster; we’ll review/discuss Quiet Corner town results. What do they mean??  How will they impact your child? Can you refuse to consent, and opt out.  Yes, yes you can, and we’ll tell you how.

Due to ongoing renovations at the Victoria Station Café, this month’s meeting is at the Danielson Elks.

Open to the public, invite family and friends.  Especially important for parents and grandparents, be informed on what is occurring with your children. A chance to ask questions, understand how your school system is lying to you.

Hope to see you Monday at the Danielson Elks.

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