Quiet Corner Tea Party Christmas Party Invite

All are invited to join us at our annual Christmas Party to be held Monday 14 December at The Gold Eagle.  This is in lieu of our normal meeting at the Victoria Station Café.  See below.  Our featured speaker is Peter Lumaj,

Peter is possibly the most conservative Republican leader in the state with Tea flowing through his veins.  A legal immigrant escaping communist Albania, Peter was the 2014 Republican candidate for Connecticut Secretary of State garnering 47% of the vote.  In 2012, Peter ran for and sought the Republican nomination for election to the U.S. Senate from Connecticut losing in the GOP primary to establishment favorite Linda McMahon, who again lost badly.

A New York City lawyer by vocation, Peter also now hosts a weekly radio program.  Peter is a serious man and you can bet the Democrats have not heard the last from him.

Please join us to celebrate Christmas with friends, and remember, that no matter the turmoil that swirls about us, we are blessed.  There is time to celebrate.

Hope you are able to join us.  Invite and share with family, friends, and neighbors.

Please RSVP soonest via PM or email so we can get a proper head count.

thanx, duffy

2015 TPP christmas party

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