The Barn is Cleaned with Tea, and Dead Man Walking

The Republican’s surrender our nation’s budget without firing a shot, awash in bipartisan joy.  And factually Mr. Boehner, it’s the Tea that is cleaning the barn.

In case you missed it, on 2 November President Obama signed into law the President’s and GOP’s Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, our Federal government’s budget.  The Act extends the nation’s debt limit through 2017, eliminates spending caps, and basically gives our president a blank check to spend more until he’s retired in January 2017.   John Boehner called it “cleaning the barn”.

Debt ceiling extension?  Yup, extend the nation’s credit card limit say GOP leaders and all Democrats.  Eliminate spending caps?   Yup, spend more say GOP leaders and all Democrats.  Create more immoral debt for our children and future generations?  Yea, vote Republican leaders and all Democrats.

The vote in the GOP controlled House to pass in essence President Obama’s budget was 266 Yea to 167 Nay.  Only 79 Republicans (32% of the GOP House caucus) joined with 188 Democrats (100% of the Democrat caucus) to vote Yea and pass the bill.  167 Republicans (68% of the caucus) voted Nay and against their Party leaders.  Nancy Pelosi would be proud to deliver a 48 vote advantage over the 218 minimum to her ruler.

In the GOP controlled Senate, the bill passed 64-35.  Only 19 Republicans (35% of the GOP Senate caucus) joined with 46 Democrats (100% of the caucus) to pass the bill.  35 GOP Senators (65% of the GOP caucus) voted against Party leaders.  Harry Reid would be proud to deliver a 15 vote advantage for his ruler’s budget.

Does anyone find it odd that the political party in control, the Establishment GOP, with control of both the Senate and House, are rejected by about 65% of their own sitting caucus and have 100% Democrat support?

Ted Cruz summarized it best:  “This represents the cartel in all of its glory because this is the combined work product of John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid.”

And, factually Mr. Boehner, it is the Tea Party that is cleaning the barn.  On average, 67% of the GOP caucus is voting against you and the establishment.  You Mr. Speaker are a minority in your own party, and not soon enough if you ask me

You gained power in 2010 off the sweat and brow of the Tea Party.  You then turned your back on us.  Well sir, in just four years you are out on your keister.   You and your “young guns” are gone.

Mr. Boeher, as a Speaker of the House, you are an historical embarrassment and aberration.  Just four years after becoming the Speaker, you cannot achieve the 218 vote majority of your own caucus to put you back in power.  You’re gone.  Eric Canter, your #2, your protégé, the incumbent Senator from Virginia and prohibitive favorite.  He got his ass whipped in his 2014 reelection by a Tea Party backed Dave Brat by 11%.  Gone.  Kevin McCarthy, next in line.  Gone.  He, like you could not gain confidence of the majority of the GOP caucus.  Seems some of the People’s Representatives are tired of the same old same old.

Newly elected Speaker, Paul Ryan is the last of Boehner’s supposed three “young guns”.  Is Ryan a dead man walking?  We’ll see.  I’d recommend he pay attention to recent history.   Same old same old is not good enough.

The Left characterizes this upheaval of GOP leadership as “hostage taking”.  I call it winning.

So yes former Speaker, the barn is being cleaned, cleaned with Tea.


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