WWII History Lesson – The Greatest Atrocity

If you are a history buff and like digital coolness, you’ll love this video of World War II and the civilian and military deaths that occurred in comparison to pre and post WWII deaths.  Very enlightening.

The numbers are staggering.  In total, 70 million people worldwide died in this six year global conflict.  There were few safe zones at university back in those days.

WWII contributed more deaths by far than any other war or atrocity recorded in history by total deaths.  Mao’s post WWII atrocities, the killing of 40 million citizen is second, and Stalin, with 20 million deaths of his citizens is third going back 300 years.  Communism and socialism completely exposed.

WWII in Europe, 41 million deaths (22 million civilians, 19 million military).  3% of the European population dead based on 1939 population estimates (this is similar to the US’s civil war percentage).

Russia topped the list with about 22 million people dead (about 13 civilian, 9 million military), about 15% its total population.  Germany was next most in Europe for deaths, third overall with 8 million or almost 11% of their population (2 million civilians).  For comparison, the U.S. lost just over 400,000 military total in WWII similar to the Brits. In WWI, there a world total of 9 million deaths.

The viciousness of the Germans and Russians in WWII are reflected in the numbers of civilian and military deaths they heaped on each other.  The brutality of Stalingrad and Leningrad are stunning by the numbers in the video.

Poland lost about 5 million citizens in WWII – virtually all civilian, fourth highest total, which represented an astounding 18% of its total population most of any country.  Indonesia was 4th most with 4 million deaths, wiping out 6% of their population.  Lithuania lost almost 14% of their population, Latvia 12%, Yugoslavia and Hungary 7%, Greece 5%, French Indochina 4%, and China almost 4%.  Almost all were civilian and not in armed conflict.

In the Asian theater, there were an estimated 39 million total deaths.  China was second only to Russia with almost 20 million total deaths, almost 4% of total population.  Consider, the Chinese opened a dyke on the Yellow river, flooding all downstream, killing 500,000 of its citizens in one event to defend against the invading Japanese.  2-3 times as many than died in the 2004 Asian Tsunamis.   In Southeast Asia, Japan basically butchered 6 million civilians.

The video correctly points out that the largest 46 economic countries is the world have not directly battled each other since WWII, a period of 70 years.  A period not seen since the Roman Empire.  The big dogs fooled around in small places (e.g. US in Vietnam, Beirut, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan; USSR in Afghanistan, Crimea, Ukraine, Syria, UK in the Falklands, etc), but no direct state on state conflict that brought major nations of the world together and against in a full-on military war like what occurred during WWII.    Coined as the long peace.

I’d say that’s a good thing.  I’d postulate that global economic concerns, capitalism, and freer trade was a key enabler for this relatively peaceful period.  After all, the peasants must be fed.

If full-on state on state war occurs in the future, I’m thinking it won’t be pretty.  Will it be a WWI nine million deaths, or a WWII 70 million dead event?  Is it inevitable? Is a biologic, nuclear, banking, or cyber bomb detonation that cripples the U.S. more or less likely today?  No one knows.  And for sure, no one knows for certainty.

What I do know.  It is presumptuous and with much hubris for anyone to believe they know how the world will be in 25, 50, or 100 years.  They simply do not.  It is with further hubris many “progressives” believe that my natural right to self-defense, my right to determine what I see fit to defend myself, my family, my property, as protected by the Second Amendment of our Constitution, upheld by the Supreme Court is silly.  They post memes with muskets to prove their point.

For you gun grabbers and 2A haters, please let me know how you know with certainty what life in the world will be in 2040, 2065, or the next turn of the century.  Let me know why you should decide that I, my children, grandchildren, and future generations shall be disarmed.  Our right to self-defense against our government or an invading force (domestic or foreign) diminished to nonexistent.   Tell me why you are certain I or future generations have no need for an AR-15 or equivalent weapon with more than a 10 round magazine, and why you have the right to make that determination for me.

I believe it is simple.  Self-defense is a fundamental and natural right, protected by our Second Amendment rights.  Me as an individual has the only right to determine what level self-defense is necessary for me to protect my life, my family, my property, my community, my country.

No one has the right to make this determination for me.  Certainly no unjust state law, and certainly not nine unelected justices.

A great WWII video and graphics by the numbers worth 18 minutes.



A picture to put in perspective.

800px-World_War_II_Casualties2.svg (1)



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