Free Markets are the Moral Choice

Free markets are economically and morally superior to all other manner for organizing a society.

Below is a link to a great 5 minute video.  Economics 101 easily explained by professor Walter Williams on why free market capitalism is most moral, and economically superior to a centrally planned socialist government as has become our U.S. government over the past century.

Free markets are defined by free association and voluntary actions between individuals. Each party obtains a win win.  If individuals do not agree, they peacefully go each other’s way.

Centrally planned, state controlled markets are defined by coercion.  The state threatens individuals to make them comply.  Voluntary actions by individuals is only allowed in as much as the state allows for such free association.  Obamacare is but one example.

In a free market, big businesses only have power in so much as people will buy their idea, product or service.  They have no means of coercion.  Exchanges are voluntary.  Businesses that do poorly are no longer in business because citizens with free will choose to go elsewhere or have found a substitute.

In a state controlled society, everything the state does is through coercion.  Everything.

Politicians and big businesses control the state by creating laws that benefit themselves at the expense of citizens.  So though we pretend the U.S. is a free market, it is not and has not been for 100 years.

Free market capitalism is the morally superior means to help people out of poverty.

free market moral supeirior.PNG


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