Cup of Tea Invite – August Wolf, GOP Candidate for U.S. Senate to Defeat I-Am-A Dick (“and a liar”) Blumenthal


August Wolf, Republican candidate to challenge Senator I-Am-A Dick “and a liar” Blumenthal will be our Cup of Tea featured speaker at our monthly meeting Monday, 8 February starting at 7:00 pm.  Open to the public, visit with us as we question August to determine if he deserves your vote, our support as U.S. Senator.  Your chance to locally in person ask questions. Give the candidate a piece of your mind.

What does he believe the scope of the Federal government should be?  Is he a statist like most others?  What steps would he take to reduce the tyranny of the majority and Federal rule?

What does August feel about the Syrian refugee crisis and Governor Malloy’s and Senator Blumenthal’s open borders policy?  Does he believe we should have a moratorium on refugees and immigrants?  How many undocumented refugees/migrants does Connecticut accept before we have a public safety concern?  What is his view on immigration, and the 15 million illegals currently in our country?

What does he think the U.S.’s role should be in combating Islamic terrorism and does he think it an existential threat?  Would he vote to put boots on the ground?  What is his position of how best to defend our country from the proclaimed Islamic jihad against us?  What does August think we should do about the Middle East?

What is his knowledge of economics, and how the economy works (August is a hedge fund manager by profession)?  What does he think the state should do to create job growth?  Does he understand the government doesn’t create jobs of value?  Where does he stand on minimum wage or right to work?  Would he vote to Audit the Fed?  Would he vote for the NDAA/Patriot Act?  Does he understand $18 trillion in debt is immoral – how does he propose to fix?  Would he have voted for TARP?  Dodd/Frank? Would he repeal Glass-Steagall?

Does he believe in his heart the right of free contract, association, and the right of self defense?  Is he like Senator Mike Lee or Mitch McConnell?

What is his understanding of our Second Amendment?  Does he understand natural law?  Why a 30 round magazine is appropriate for self defense.  What is his view on CT PA 13-3, CT’s most recent gun control restrictions?  What does he consider sensible and common sense gun laws?  Does he understand Due Process rights?  Does he back and support the CCDL and NRA?

Does he think Common Core is a good thing?  Would he support abolishing the Federal Department of Education, and allow states to decide?  What is his view on eminent domain e.g. Kelo vs. City of New London?  Where does he stand on trade, and would he vote for the TPP?  Is he a free trader as Bastiat instructed best, or is he a protectionist like Trump suggests he would be?

Monday, 8 February is your chance to locally ask August about his principles on the issues that matter to you.  Save the date.

Candidate Q&As are some of our most educational and best Cup of Tea events.  If you home school (grades 5-12), a great learning opportunity for students of how citizens exercise their rights in a free democracy.  Teach them now the right to assemble, free association, and free speech, so they recognize when these rights are gone.

Open to the public. Invite family, friends, and neighbors by Forwarding this email and chatting with them.

Hope to see you on Monday, 8 February.


august wolf 8 feb

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