Sugar Tax Coming to a Store Near You

Not to be outdone by Berkley, Philadelphia just implemented a tax on all kinds of sodas, not just the sugary types.

Supposedly, this paternalistic, “unprogressive”, and illiberal social engineering tax is for the benefit of the poor says the Left. It’s about stopping obesity amongst the masses. It’s for the children,

The reality is much different. It is a regressive tax on the poor, and nothing but a money grab by greedy and corrupt politicians to benefit them personally. They care nothing about the health and wellbeing of the poor.

You can bet the Democrat controlled General Assembly in Hartford will not want to be outdone on the “unprogressive” scale, and a soda or sugar tax is coming to a store near you. After all, these are the guys and gals that tax parking fees and dog grooming services.

Friends, the tyranny of the statist, both left and right footed, is relentless.

Daily, our rights and freedoms are lost, taken from us by corrupt politicians through the force of government. Personal responsibility and accountability presumed by the state. Sadly, for too many citizens, this occurs simply. The responsibility of freedom, too difficult for them. The comfort of the state, too easy for them.

See entire article here:


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