Junk Science and Food Snobs

IMO, you are not a dolt if you believe it is ok to eat steak, eggs, cheese, and ice cream, drink whole milk, and use butter liberally on an occasion. This diet will not send you to an early death as proclaimed by the state and the “food snobs”.

The below article offers just another example of the junk science our government uses for propaganda to the benefit of, and to satisfy politicians and power brokers in Washington.  This one deals with nutrition, in which the “settled science” from our government food czars, like a shape shifter, constantly changes.

Consider:  our government told us for decades to eat high carbohydrate diets and stay away from saturated fat and dairy products because they would kill you.  The science is settled they said.  Now, today, there is serious evidence to the contrary.

Today, a “large body of evidence” suggests eating a high carbohydrate diet actually increases the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes (the opposite of the state’s belief and advice).  Got that.  Taking our government’s “expert” advice may actually and quite likely have been harmful to you.  In the real world, this is considered fraud, and punishable in a court.  Makes you wonder, who is authorized to change settled science?

Saturated Fats.  There is no proof that eating saturated fats increases your chance for heart disease.  None.  A recent study found that “people eating full-fat dairy, including whole milk, showed a number of better heart-disease outcomes”.  Got that.  Outcomes opposite of what we were told with certainty is possibly more likely.  Steak, eggs, cheese, ice cream, whole milk, butter, et al, all logically ok to eat, are ok to eat.  They are not people “food killers” as portrayed by the “food snobs”.

And this is but two examples of hundreds of fraudulent and harmful dictates by our government.  It is called soft tyranny my friends, derived from the desire for power, money, hubris and the pretense of knowledge.

Factually, today, because of the “food snobs” we citizens have less liberty, less food choice (good and bad choices).   Our food choices now dictated by the political class controlled by special interests paying for special treatment wrapped in false sentiment and disingenuous platitudes about helping the poor or the children, when in fact, they most often hurt the poor and our children the most.

Central planners in Washington actually believe they are better at defining products in the market than we citizens.  They have been wrong since Marx through Keynes through the disaster playing out in Venezuela in real time.

Complete article can be found here:  http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-food-pyramid-scheme-1454022514




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