Why are you entitled?

Whenever I hear Left and Right footed politicians pandering for votes by offering free college with other people’s money, it really grinds my gears as Peter would say.  Do they not understand their words and deeds implicitly denigrate the 60% or more of the population that do not have a college degree, nor aspire for one?  Do they not understand it is not free?   Do they not understand it is fundamentally unfair to make 60% of Americans pay for their peer’s dreams?

People like iron workers, welders, carpenters, masons, electricians, mechanics, HVAC, and all the industrial trades. What about entrepreneurs who became business owners, truck drivers, coal workers, cooks, hairdressers, car salesman, real estate agents, bartenders, house cleaners, sanitation specialists, restaurant managers, and all the other workers in society.  Or God forbid, you went into the military like myself.  Is their work somehow less beneficial to society than someone with a Bachelor’s degree in Gender studies?

Are these citizens chopped liver?  Are they less deserving of free stuff on the campaign trail?  More importantly, why does anyone believe it fair that 60% of the population pay for their peers to go to college?

For those of you that believe college should be free, and you are smart enough to recognize nothing is free, do you believe it right that your friends that chose not to go to college be forced to pay for you to go to college?  And yes, taxation is force, try not paying your taxes if you do not think it is.

If so, I would ask:  why, why you do you believe you are entitled to this privilege at the expense of your peers through force?  Why should others give up their dreams for you?

It’s funny, the Left, for an ideology that flamboyantly pretends to be for the little guy, it sure doesn’t seem to have much respect for her.  And in my opinion, their belief that free college is a right is a reflection on the narcissistic society they are creating.



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