Gruber and Stupid Americans

Whew.  Maria Bartiromo is pissed and has a go at Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare who called Americans stupid as he got the law rammed through congress.

What I can’t stand about Gruber and his ilk, they always tell you things are better than what they predicted would happen.  So they predict a dire, worst case scenario outcome based on their nonsensical models (the big lie for the fear factor), and when their policy outcome is better than their made up outcome, they declare victory.  For them, success is besting a model they made up.  Not actually reducing health care costs, rather, besting a model.  Gruber actually believes that Obamacare has not stifled job growth, has not contributed to a GDP less than 2%.  He actually believes costs are going down, he has bent the cost curve.

Honestly, for people like Jonathan Gruber, President Obama, Hillary, Zeke Emmanuel, and all the illiberal political elites and intelligentsia, whether people can afford health insurance or not is of no concern.  Like the Media, Hollywood and Educational elites, and because of their wealth and power, they all are insulated from the destructive laws they pass.  For them, who cares if health insurance cost increase 50-100%, they are all multi-millionaires or the government is footing the bill.

A few examples.

Raising electricity rates on poor people to advance their global warming Ponzi scheme.  No problem. They shut down coal plants and fly around the world on jets to advance their cause whilst poor Americans struggle to pay their electricity bill.  Mandating Common Core and all its insidious and pernicious cousins on regular Americans.  No problem.  Their children go to private schools, are locked into prestigious colleges from birth.  Allowing law abiding Americans guns for self-defense is bad, whilst they are surrounded by body guards with guns, and their children attend schools with armed guards.  They push for minimum wage, knowing it is going to put people out of work, and actually harm most the special interest they say they are helping.  The madness is endless.

That’s how it goes in a lawless society.  Rules for them, the oligarchy, and rules for us, the peasants.  How much the elites make us suffer is of no concern to them.

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