Mae Flexer, Connecticut’s Abortion Warrior – Go Mae Go

State Senator Mae Flexer (D-Killligly) proudly leads the fight for abortion in Connecticut.

For her and her Pro Abortion group, they now consider the right to kill a baby any moment prior to birth a new litmus test to be a member of the Democrat party.  If you are a Pro Life Democrat, you are no longer welcome in Mae’s party.  How progressive and tolerant is that?  Pass the word.

Mae and the “Progressives” demand the repeal of the Hyde Amendment.  The Hyde Amendment enacted in 1976 bans federal funds from being used for abortions except for unique and few circumstances.   They now want taxpayers to pay for on-demand abortions, a practice many citizens find unconscionable.  In fact, in a 2016 Politico/Harvard poll, 58% of Americans oppose federal money for abortions, just 36% favored.  Mae desires the state pay for all the abortions not picked up by the Feds, which is basically all of them.

Mae and the “Progressives” want abortion on demand with no restrictions by any state.  This means third trimester abortions.  This means the day before a baby’s due date, a needle filled with poison can be injected into the baby’s skull to kill it.  This is acceptable to Mae and the “progressives”.  They want society to condone this action in law, and demand money to pay for it.  If not at the Federal level, at the State level.  Harvesting and selling body parts an unintended benefit from the “Progressive’s” perspective.  These are the same people that demand a $250,000 fine for destroying an eagle’s egg.

Mae and the “Progressives” want to frame abortion as a woman’s healthcare “equality” issue.  The “Progressive” view is that a child in the womb is no different than a tumor.  It threatens the woman’s life, and like a tumor, they have the right to remove the child to save their life.  Factually, a tumor that can kill you is not the same as being with child.  One is a matter of fate; the child is the result of a voluntary act and nature.  Being pregnant is not life threatening.

In the “Progressive’s” view, a woman’s life is threatened is not literal.  They mean the woman’s desired social life is threatened.  An imagined future economic state and lifestyle is in jeopardy.  Inconvenience is sufficient reason to abort a child.

“If the Democratic Party supports equality, it must support full access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, for every person, regardless of their income and the state that they live in,” Mae and her group said in a joint statement.

Imagine, the Democrat party now believes a woman’s right to a government paid abortion is a human right, a right of “equality”, a healthcare matter.  Only in Oceania is aborting a child called “reproductive healthcare”.

Mae demands that anyone in her party that is not Pro Abortion should be punished and purged from her party.   I wonder if she knows, 40% of Democrats believe abortion is morally wrong or that 28% of Democrats say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases.

IMO, MAE doesn’t care two bits about Connecticut citizens.  The Connecticut General Assembly for Mae is nothing but a stepping stone to a six figure job with some “progressive” political campaign/group/ cause.  Just like her mentor, Don Williams, now a shill for the teachers union.

IMO, Go Mae Go.  Alienate as many people from your party as you can.   In 2009, Republicans only held 37 seats in the Connecticut House.  Post Tea Party revolution, today, they own 72 CT House seats (+35), just four shy of majority.  Connecticut’s state Senate is at an historical 18-18 tie.  Go Mae, go.

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mae pro abortion rally

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