Connecticut’s Energy Policy is Nonsensical

Everyone agrees, high electricity costs are regressive, hurt the poor and middle class most disproportionate, like inflation, a hidden tax on the working class and poor.

You then have to ask yourself, if Connecticut Democrats and Leftists are the party of the poor people as they self proclaim, why do they advocate for energy policies that punish the poor and middle class with the highest cost of electricity in the continental United States?

According to EIA (1), Connecticut pays the highest electricity rates in the continental United States.  In fact, in the latest 2017 report, Connecticut pays on average 11% higher electricity rates than all the New England states.   We pay 45% higher than Maine.  We pay 20% higher than New York and 47% higher than New Jersey for other comparables. See Chart below.

And make no mistake; these higher prices are by design, they are purposeful.  Created by government intervention and for our own good they tell us; even if we rubes don’t get it.

Why do citizens of Connecticut pay higher electricity prices than all comparable states?  Simply, because the Leftists in our General Assembly and multiple participants in the Governor’s mansion have decided we should pay higher prices.  It’s that simple.  It didn’t happen by accident; and it’s been decades in the making.

Ask yourself, what is Connecticut doing differently than other comparable states such that we pay 11% on average higher in electricity?  Why?

If you follow the Leftist logic, we are paying higher prices for our own good.

Connecticut energy policies are driven by a desire to make our state honorable and prideful in the “progressive” global community; doing more than our fair share to stop global warming by reducing Connecticut’s global CO2 footprint through restrictive energy policies, no matter the increased cost to the poor, middle class and all citizens and businesses of Connecticut through higher energy costs.

One example:  Connecticut’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) program.  A Leftist redistribution of wealth program and perfect example of state level fascism that guarantees Connecticut citizens and businesses pay high electricity prices.  Through policy and law, politicians use other people’s money (taxpayer money) to buy votes and repay favors.  Rent seeking corporate interests create laws and regulation through willing legislators, and are rewarded with lucrative and artificially created business opportunities in a false renewable energy market.

How much does this state intervention in our energy market cost Connecticut taxpayers you might ask?  Well, according to HartfordBusiness.Com, we Connecticut citizen will pay on average $377M in additional electricity costs or $1.8 billion in unnecessary energy costs in just the next five years to fund this program (2).  By 2024, the promise is that citizens will “only pay” $249M per year.  Like all government estimates, you can double this to be closer to the truth.

Think about the logic.  Legislators want Connecticut citizens to pay $377M per year in hidden taxes to fund a program to create energy sources that will require taxpayers to pay more for electricity.  Got that.  We are paying money to figure out how we can pay more money for electricity.  It’s absurd.

Connecticut’s energy policy is nonsensical, and unrelated to reducing energy costs for citizens. And some state legislators believe more government intervention is the solution.  SMH.



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