Democrat’s Obsession with Dynasties

As I watched this Joe Kennedy kid give the Democrat’s response to the State of the Union, I felt sorry for him.  Sent, like a lamb to slaughter.  The kid had no intellectual game, just emotional, social justice mumbo jumbo.  Not a single solution proffered.  Not a single direct challenge to the president’s policy.

Unbelievably, the backdrop shows a car, in case you forgot about his uncle Ted, the coward who drove his car into a river, and left a woman to die as he ran away.  You know, the Democrat’s exalted him as the Lion of the Senate.  The kid has no Kennedy charisma, and he’s got something drooling from his mouth (reported to be chapstick).  IMO, not a good national TV experience for young, and entitled Joe.

Ask yourself, why is Joe Kennedy, an entitled, super rich 37 year old congressman from Massachusetts, (anointed/handed Barnie Franks congressional seat), presenting the national Democrat Party’s political response to a President’s SOTU.  This is a serious prime time gig.  You are to refute the President on his policies past and future.

IMO, the kid bombed.  It was like he was afraid to go after Donald.   Offered not a single solution to the problems they complain.  Maybe because they have none.

This was a test run, and I’m betting Keith Ellison is not happy.  This will embolden the “progressives”, the socialist wing of the Democrat Party.

Like the hypocrite most politicians are, Joe Kennedy is worth $47 million, and lives in a walled off mansion.  Tells me walls are racist.  His speech was standard socialist tripe.  “His words” and [my observations and commentary]:

  • “We hear the voices … who feel forgotten and forsaken.” [This is what they call virtue signaling, letting everyone know that Democrats are compassionate, Republicans are evil.  It starts every Democrat answer, along with a condescending insult, just as Uncle Saul instructed]
  • “We see an economy that makes … profits climb but fails to give workers their fair share of the reward.” [This is pure Lenin. Working class against the exploiting bourgeois and Kulak’s; they want you to believe they are the party of the workers, against the evil Republicans and rich capitalist business owners.  For Democrats, “progressives”, and the Working Family Party (public unions), it is a class struggle no different than Russia 1917.  Workers are being oppressed.  Workers of the world unite against your employers.  Destroy them if you must for your own benefit.]
  • “A Justice Department rolling back civil rights by the day.” [He’s speaking to the illegal Dreamers, and all minorities convincing them they are victims of an unjust system.  Absolved of any individual responsibility.  It is America’s fault; the system is against them.  Victimhood sells, and the Democrat’s are the political Amazon of victimhood.  Democrats just shut down the government to U.S. citizens to protect illegal aliens.]
  • “Hatred and supremacy proudly marching in our streets.” [I wonder if he is referring to Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives, Matter, Antifa, or the Resistance? These are Democrat endorsed groups who rioted and created mayhem across dozens and dozens of cities across our country this past year.  With impunity, these groups violated hundreds of thousands of other citizen’s rights; looted, burned and destroyed property; and created chaos and general violence against other citizens? It was Liberal Democrat “progressives” burning our cities, not Republicans.]
  • “We can cut taxes for corporations today if we raise them for families tomorrow.” [he’s referring to the GOP’s tax plan where personal income tax cuts sunset in 15 years, and corporate tax cuts are permanent.  Factually, this is due to a procedural matter, or the GOP would have made them permanent.  I’m betting Paul Ryan puts forward a bill to make them permanent, and the Democrats will vote against, just as they did for the tax cuts just passed that provide 80-90% of regular American citizens more money in their pockets.]
  • “We choose the living wage, paid leave and affordable child care your family needs to survive.” [More Lenin rhetoric.  Individual responsibility and accountability no longer an obligation to society.  Irresponsible individuals subsidized by responsible individuals through redistribution of wealth at a charity level determined by the state.   You know.  Just like Venezuela today, or the failed USSR, and every failed attempt at socialism, small and large.]
  • “We choose pensions that are solvent …” [isn’t that rich, states like Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey are dominated by pubic union employees and their Democrat puppets in the legislature, and somehow their public employee pensions are funded less than 40%, a financial ticking time bomb ready to bankrupt their state citizens.]
  • “We choose the thousands of American communities whose roads aren’t paved with power or privilege” [it’s laughable, this guy lives in a mansion, surrounded by a giant wall, is worth $47 million, and is the very definition of privilege. Entitled people like Joe have absolutely no self awareness.  ]
  • “Our country will be judged by the promises we keep. That is the measure of our character. That’s who we are.”  [this “that is who we are” is Barack Obama’s legacy, a guy that has no idea who most American citizens are.  Born in Hawaii to Marxist parents, whose boyhood was spent in a Muslim country, and who went to a private, prestigious high school, and then on to multiple prestigious colleges.  IMO, Barack Obama has no idea how regular American citizens grew up, has no knowledge of “who we are”.  Now all rich and elitist Democrats use the term, another virtue signaling mantra to let everyone know they are good and Republicans are evil.]
  • Out of many. One. [Another laughable statement from the party of the religion of multiculturism and moral relativism.  Where division is celebrated by Democrats and assimilation into the American culture considered racist.   No longer Americans; but hyphenated Americans.]

Honestly, the Democrat’s obsession with dynasty/royalty leadership is odd.  Kennedy, Clinton, Obama, Clinton, Kennedy; and Chelsea certainly has aspirations like her mother.  Will it ever end?

In Connecticut, we’ve got a state senator from the Kennedy clan.  He decided not to run for governor, for now.

joe kennedy's pad.PNG

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