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The Power of Government is Limited

As a tool of society, Government’s power to force or coerce an individual against his will is only legitimate if that person is harming others. “the sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively in interfering with the … Continue reading

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Budgetary Chaos in our State Capital and the Power of Five

Our Democrat controlled General Assembly (GA) has failed to pass a state biennium budget as we face a $5 billion deficit.  Their primary job is to pass a budget. Town budgets are in turmoil.  Educational funding is in turmoil.  Over … Continue reading

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Former President Obama lives in a parallel universe. 

Never short on hubris, I recently heard former President Obama bragging about Obamacare, his major accomplishment for the American public.  He (Godlike) gave insurance to 20 million people he brags. Apparently, destroying health insurance for over 300 million people is … Continue reading


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Obama Says Race Relations Better, Really?

President Obama told me tonight race relations are better.  Really. Apparently, President Obama has missed the protests, rioting, looting and property ablaze that occurred across our entire country over the past two years, led by the group Black Lives Matter … Continue reading

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Tea Party 2016 Year End Report

With over 3 million members, the Tea Party continued to influence our elections. Ted Cruz won the Tea Party straw poll and was the preferred candidate with 70% of the vote, however, once Donald Trump was decided as the candidate, … Continue reading

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Christmas Party 2016

Friends, we will be having our annual Christmas Party on Monday, 12 December at the Bilartos restaurant in Putnam (see below). Please RSVP/reply soonest so we can get a proper headcount. Pay at the door. This will be in lieu … Continue reading

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Collusion is Fraud

Hopefully one good outcome from this election is the MSM is exposed to more citizens as the Leftist illiberal shills for the Democrat Party they are.  Consider, WikiLeaks exposed a list of over 40 self-righteous “news” personnel colluding with the … Continue reading

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Gruber and Stupid Americans

Whew.  Maria Bartiromo is pissed and has a go at Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare who called Americans stupid as he got the law rammed through congress. What I can’t stand about Gruber and his ilk, they always tell … Continue reading

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The Bias of Omission, Denigrating Catholics and Media Suppression

As a Libertarian in a minarchist sense, and student of politics, it is sad to see what has become of our supposed fourth estate, the profession of journalism, and especially investigative reporting in the mold of Woodward and Bernstein. At … Continue reading

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Reasonable People, Child’s Play, and a Banana  

It’s all starting to become quite clear. As I understand, an email string from John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager and former counselor to President Obama, and Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s top aide, reveals what’s really going on. Simply, Hillary was not … Continue reading

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