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Monthly Cup of TeaEvery Second Monday of the Month, Open to the Public

We hold our monthly meetings the 2nd Monday of every month starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Victoria Station Cafe in Putnam, CT (upstairs in the Tea Room).  Each meeting we present a one hour or so, open to the public, Cup of Tea, a presentation/speaker on issues of the day with citizen discussion.  The purpose of our Cup of Tea is to inform and educate members and the public regarding matters of governance and our three principal values:  Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Constitutional Government (rule of law), and Free Markets.

Featured Cup of Tea speakers have included all Republican Federal and State candidates running for office in Connecticut since 2010 – we take pride in our serious questioning of candidates. (Note:  Democrat candidates have declined to participate).

Other guest speakers have been local State Senators and Representatives, CCDL president Scott Wilson (we’ve raised over $800 to support CCDLs lawsuit against the State of Connecticut), Deborah Stevenson, President of the We the People Constitutional Lobby, and experts from the Yankee Institute.

Informational presentations from members have included Second Amendment and the continuous fight to protect our natural rights; the fight against Common Core; the Connecticut General Assembly Process – the Rat Season, who knew; the results of Federal, State, and Local Elections, and the fiscal aspects of State and Federal Budgets and Taxes, and the like.

Send any Cup of Tea suggestions and topics you’d like to see to




7 Responses to Education and Events

  1. Linda Sasur says:

    Thank you for the eye-opening ‘cup of tea’. Very informative and well done.

    • ctduffy says:

      thanx linda, we definetly have some work to do

      • Basheer says:

        Hi Helen,Thank you for letting us know. They ran the fun run tuoghrh the chute and a couple of walkers were not picked up in the rush of kids having fun. We worked hard to pick out all walkers in the crowd at that point.I will be in touch very shortly after I have a chance to review the data that is on another computer.Don

  2. LINDA SASUR says:

    Thanks again for the opportunity to appreciate our great state. Linda Sasur

    • Pedrina says:

      Hi Peesee, I know what you mean when you describe fneileg overwhelmed by the volume of information that comes at us everyday and knowing that there is so much more just waiting to be unleasehd when we connect through the Internet. and its easy to waste time trying to make our way thorugh it all. That is why I think it is very important for us as a College to teach our students information managment skills and help them be able to decide what is useful, relevant information and what is garbage .

  3. Farhad says:

    I love Sue Jeffers. She is great to listen to. You both are not afriad to say or write, in your case, what you believe. Keep up the great work. I really likeyour new video, Katie! Best of luck.

  4. David M. Demers says:

    New to area (Sterling) did not note recent posts. Do you still meet?? Also I am a registered voter in Conn and am trying to catch up on candidates for upcoming Nov election.

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