Nothing is Sacred

The Left ruins so much.  Now it’s sports.  Nothing is immune.  A few observations and thoughts about kneeling for our national anthem, the new cause célèbre of the enlightened football player and fan.

  • Colin Kaperneck, father of the NFL anthem kneeling movement, kneeled last year during our national anthem to openly show disdain for our country, and is known to wear pig socks to show solidarity with BLM whose mantra is “what do we want, dead cops, when do want them, now”.  Colin believes our country systemically “oppresses black people and people of color” and there are “bodies in the street” as a result of white man oppression.    Those kneeling today seem to agree with this sentiment.
  • There is no NFL rule that says players must stand during the anthem. The NBA does have such a rule, and suspended a player 20 years ago for violation.
  • If NFL players were as common and had the skills of waiters who disrespected their customers, they’d have been fired by now. No business owner would allow an employee to alienate their customers without consequence, unless the alienation was worth the money.
  • 1,696 players suit up each week in the NFL, 70% are black Americans. I read over 100 players took a knee this week (if true, 3.2 per team average).  The overwhelming majority locked arms in solidarity with our anthem.  Teammates showed respect for each other’s position which is expected when you are part of a team.  It seems however; overwhelmingly, players agree it is respectful to stand for the anthem.  A story not being told.  At Gillette stadium, a liberal bastion, fans rained down boos on those Patriot players that took a knee today.
  • To those that continue to argue it is their free speech or Constitutional right to kneel during the anthem (mostly lefty’s) you are wrong if they are doing it at work. When they/you are on company time, you must comport to your employer’s rules.  You can’t just do whatever you want without consequences which include termination of employment.  Off the clock, different story, but most employers (like mine) still have codes of conduct where off work actions can lead to termination.
  • If Jerry Jones tells his team if anyone takes a knee they will be fired, that is his right as the owner according with the employment contract and at will work rights. If Dak took a knee, we’d see if Jerry really meant it.
  • Like urban governments, the owners have lost control, and they will regret it. What social justice cause is now not allowed?  Are there any limits?  Will they bow to PETA or Muslim sympathizers and no longer toss a pig skin because it hurts animals and discriminates against Muslims?  Will they ban pulled pork?  When BLM, Jesse, and Al show up demanding that the league is 70% black, and therefore team management and park concession personnel must be 70% black, or they can no longer use cotton towels, and the players agree, what now?  Welcome to your own self created slippery slope.
  • To those publicly pledging they’ll not watch another game, it sounds to me like a New Years Eve pledge, something said to make you feel better, but I’ll bet few follow through. Kinda like the pledges made during the baseball strike.
  • Seems odd that in 2016, after 97 years of operation as a league, for the first time, standing for our national anthem has become an issue. Throughout all the turmoil of our country, it is a problem just now.

What I don’t understand about Colin, and his sympathizers:   they complain about dead bodies of black men in the street.  Yet, will not acknowledge that the vast majority of dead black men are the result of being killed by other black men, not white men, and least of all cops.  They want you to believe cops are the problem.

colin pig socks

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