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Second Grader Admonished for Writing her Name Correctly

Just another example of the malevolent outcomes from Common Core. In this example, a 7 year old girl correctly writes her name in cursive, and is admonished, warned several times by her teacher. To any right thinking person, this makes … Continue reading

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Useful Idiots

I am thankful that some citizens understand that what is occurring is not happenstance, not by accident.

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The Barn is Cleaned with Tea, and Dead Man Walking

The Republican’s surrender our nation’s budget without firing a shot, awash in bipartisan joy.  And factually Mr. Boehner, it’s the Tea that is cleaning the barn. In case you missed it, on 2 November President Obama signed into law the … Continue reading

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Quiet Corner Tea Party Christmas Party Invite

All are invited to join us at our annual Christmas Party to be held Monday 14 December at The Gold Eagle.  This is in lieu of our normal meeting at the Victoria Station Café.  See below.  Our featured speaker is … Continue reading

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Taxes and Regulation are Killing Connecticut Businesses

A business in operation for over 100 years says goodbye to Connecticut.  They can’t take it anymore. Goodbye, Connecticut: It’s just too expensive here By Alan and Gerald Zordan | Posted: Saturday, November 14, 2015 8:00 am With the Litchfield … Continue reading

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