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How Far We Have Fallen – Connecticut’s Greatest Statesman, Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman, Connecticut’s greatest statesman and Founding Father, former Connecticut U.S. Congressman and Senator.   How far we have fallen. Thomas Jefferson said of Roger:  “That is Mr. Sherman of Connecticut, a man who never said a foolish thing in his … Continue reading

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Connecticut Republican Convention Governor’s Race by the Numbers

Below are some of my observations after this weekend’s Republican Party convention, and specifically the Governor’s race as it unfolded over the almost six hours needed to create a Party nominee with a 50% +1 majority on Saturday.  The sausage making.  This … Continue reading

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School Security

Consider, Limousine Liberals whose children attend private schools with an armed staff for protection lecture the rest of us that we cannot have armed staff in our schools protecting our children because it would be too dangerous. You see, they … Continue reading

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Democrat’s Obsession with Dynasties

As I watched this Joe Kennedy kid give the Democrat’s response to the State of the Union, I felt sorry for him.  Sent, like a lamb to slaughter.  The kid had no intellectual game, just emotional, social justice mumbo jumbo.  … Continue reading

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Connecticut’s Energy Policy is Nonsensical

Everyone agrees, high electricity costs are regressive, hurt the poor and middle class most disproportionate, like inflation, a hidden tax on the working class and poor. You then have to ask yourself, if Connecticut Democrats and Leftists are the party … Continue reading

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The Opposite Will Occur

Whatever the Government tells you, the complete opposite will occur. After the 2008 financial crisis, we were told the banks are too big to fail and we need a law.  The Dodd-Frank Bill was passed and signed into law by … Continue reading

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Nothing is Sacred

The Left ruins so much.  Now it’s sports.  Nothing is immune.  A few observations and thoughts about kneeling for our national anthem, the new cause célèbre of the enlightened football player and fan. Colin Kaperneck, father of the NFL anthem … Continue reading

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The Despicables

Connecticut Democrat political leaders are despicable.  They control both the Senate and House in our General Assembly, and they have not yet produced a budget.  They are letting Malloy rule the roost as they bicker amongst themselves.  The only item … Continue reading

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The Southern Strategy and Changing History

As student of history and politics, I’ve always been fascinated on how the Democrats were able to paint the Republican Party as the party of racism, contrary to the objective truth to the opposite.    Did history change?  Certainly in the … Continue reading

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Mae Flexer, Connecticut’s Abortion Warrior – Go Mae Go

State Senator Mae Flexer (D-Killligly) proudly leads the fight for abortion in Connecticut. For her and her Pro Abortion group, they now consider the right to kill a baby any moment prior to birth a new litmus test to be … Continue reading

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