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About Us

The Quiet Corner Team Party Patriots (QCTPP) is an association of citizens with a shared purpose, dedicated to promoting the principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets at every level of governance.

We promote active citizen participation in Federal, State, and Local affairs; and hold that the United States is a Constitutional Republic conceived by our Founding Founders as a Federation of States whose people were granted “unalienable rights” by our Creator, chief among these are the right to life, liberty and property (the fruits of our labor and pursuit of happiness) codified as the rule of law in our U.S. and State Constitutions.  Our Federal constitution is unique and exceptional as it enumerates, and restricts the powers of our government expressly to protect individual rights against an oppressive majority.

We are a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to citizen education, empowerment, and engagement in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut.


Contact Duffy Dauphinais for additional information at:  duffyqctpp@gmail.com


We hold our monthly meetings the 2nd Monday of every month, starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Victoria Station Cafe in Putnam, CT (upstairs in the Tea Room).

Each meeting we present a one hour, open to the public, Cup of Tea, a presentation/speaker on issues of the day with member discussion.  The purpose of these Cup of Tea events is to inform and educate members and the public regarding matters of governance and our three principles:  Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Constitutional Government, and Free Markets.



18 Responses to About & Contact Information

  1. Denise Blatchley says:

    Do you have any local Tea Party affiliate near Bristol Connecticut? I really want to become involved the Tea Party Movement. I’d really appreciate it if you can contact me as soon as you can. Sincerely, Denise B

    • ctserf says:

      I do not. Search for Theresa Tillette on FB, I know she has a group near Hartford, and Windsor has one.

      I can add you to our email list if you want, and follow us on FB. Search FB for Connecticut Tea Party and you will find some sites sharing information. r/duffy

  2. HOW can anyone who is not a mean-spirited racist, Nazi supporter, pedophile and domestic abuse supporter, greedy, or just stupid can support a “President” who IS a racist, Nazi-supporting, pedophile-supporting domestic abuse apologist?

    You do realize that your “Patriotism” is fading away, and Congress is going to flip in 2018 as a sign of mass revulsion at your philosophy.

    You won’t be missed.

  3. Bonnie Eden says:

    Martin Fey I think the anti vaccine craze was started by the Socialist Muslim Democrat’s Democratic Party is a horror show

  4. Verona Post says:

    Are You interested in an advertising service that costs less than $50 per month and sends thousands of people who are ready to buy directly to your website? Send a reply to: jack6996wil@gmail.com to find out how this works.

  5. Brad Peavey says:

    “Trump deserves a second term” by Martin Fey depicts him as the smartest person on the stupid tree!

  6. Darlene Schmidt says:

    About 107 years ago the states gave up their statehood when they ratified Amend 17 electing senators by the people.

    Amend 10 allows all federal power not assigned to the federal gov to be seized by the states or people. Since there are no states because they have not exercised their senate vote making them territories, it falls to we the people.

    I seized the senate suffrage in Art 5. I have 100 senate suffrage votes to cast to disqualify Biden’s election. Territory citizens cannot vote for the presidency. Biden did not get one vote and the elected by the people senators have no power or authority to affirm Biden’s vote. The electoral college belongs to senators elected by a state, not a territory.

    When I seized the art 5 sen suffrage, the states had consented to give it up when A17 was ratified. 17 does not state that upon ratification the states consent to give up their senate vote. They just consented to never exercise it after 1913 and return to territory standing. A 10’s power is pre-ratified power. I want to case my 50 state senator suffrages for keeping Trump in office because he upheld his oath of office.

  7. Judy Lester says:

    Free market? Surely that is a joke because Martin Fey’s Norwich Bulletin editorial of 01/29 was chock full of his crying that Big Tech is unfair to conservatives (even though millions of conservatives utilize the most popular social media platforms every day without repercussions of any kind). As a promoter of the free market Mr. Fey should be cheering Amazon’s right to give Parlor the boot and Twitter’s right to throw a certain lying ex President off it’s platform once and for all. Instead he goes on about those fascists on the left. If I didn’t know better I would think he would actually welcome the courts stepping in and doing something about it.

    My advice to far right conservatives? Avail yourselves of the limitless digital universe and create your own platforms and web services instead of crying about how unfair it is to have your most radical voices silenced by those who were ingenious enough to create that which conservatives, in their lust for a return to the past, never saw coming.

    • Thank you!! They did it with Fox News. Martin Fey’s Op/Ed made me nauseous it was blantantly the most clueless intetionally misleading piece of garbage I have read since Romney’s gaslighting Tweet about Democrats makinga big deal about Voting Rights. They cherry pick the facts they want to share on Twitter, ignore the inconvenient truths and pretend that their race to autocracy is patriotism. I mean this man took 2000 words to downplay the coup to overturn our election. White Nationalists, & Neo Nazis carried Confederate flags and nooses and Nazi regalia into the Capital. They wanted to hang Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi. The denial is next level. We watched middle aged White people storm the Capitol trying to interrupt the certification of the election. FAKE electors in 5 states were prepared to submit them in an attempt to overturn the election. Michael Fey is delusional and dangerous just like antivaxxers who believe COVID19 is the same things as a cold.

  8. Debbie says:

    Hi I was wondering if the tea party is meeting ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Today’s article in norwich bulletin by Martin fey is so right on

  10. Bobby reese says:

    Martin Fey is a total
    Piece of shit. His recent column was nothing but lies. An example: the US and killing 770,000 of its citizens. Most of those deaths have occurred during the presidency of Joe Biden, after anti-COVID vaccines were widely offered to, and largely accepted by, the public.

    This is utterly incorrect in every feasible way. This is The only way you fucking dumbass Republicans can Get republican party related us to lie to everybody. It’s all lies from you guys all the time. What a fucking piece of shit you are

    • Founding father says:

      Bobby Reese
      Sounds like you welcome a difference of opinion LOL 😂
      So you are of the mindset that the vaccine has been effective in stemming the spread of the SARS Covid 19. Republicans don’t need to lie – we have democrats for that . They have no policy to run on. Soft on crime ,open borders , increased taxes , less personal freedom, socialism . They run on one line – we aren’t Trump LOL that is it . Morally bankrupt people the socialist democrats have become largely a bunch of fascists .
      Very sad time at the moment but the winds of change are blowing people are rejecting the mandates , the CRT , the government intrusion in their lives and the fat pork bills filled with BS for their cronie friends that try to pass .
      They hate America that actually sums it all up.
      Hopefully the right will take the house the senate and the presidency . Democrats hate the constitution and view it as a pesky document that stands in their way of turning this country in Venezuela .
      Biden’s pole numbers have plummeted and people like Kamala less ! Didn’t know that was possible .
      Let’s go Brandon !!
      Merry Christmas – before some libtard tried to take that from us too .

      • Republicans are the party of the NOTHING burger. Republicans have no real policies except opposing everything Democrats suggest and FEARMONGERING about Communism and Socialism, CRT & Marxism. I haven’t met a single Republican who can clearly define ANY of those words. Republicans keep wasting TAXPAYER dollars with unconstitional attacks on education Education Censorship ,Voter Suppression, and anti Science morons. It’s embarassing that the rest of the world has to watch us argue with the dumbest of the dumb Republicans about Democracy. If you all want more votes come up with policies that actually benefit the country. People too dumb to teach attack school boards. The same dumb people who don’t want to get vaxxed now there’s staff shortages NOTICEABLY in red states, where the poorest and dumbest live anyway. It’s such an exhausting cycle. 27 states in this country force women to share custody with their rapists unless the rapist is convicted of felony rape. Less than 30% of rape cases end with felony rape convictions. FIX that nonsense and stop chasing nothing burgers with taxpayer money. Get your people vaxxed so they can stop filling up our hospitlals. Healthcare workers are over it.

  11. JAMES NOVOTNY says:

    View from the Right: A look back at the trials of 2021. Martin. Fey

    Martin must have forgot that the “RIOTERS” were there to prevent the Congress from authorizing a LEGAL election that would have replaced Trump as President. The fact that they took pictures, caused harm to law enforcement and posted on social media just shows the arrogance and stupidity of their mind set. If you are offended by using the term “Insurrection”, then use a phrase like “Supported a Presidential Coup”. To me they are no different than the fellows that fired on Fort Sumpter.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nazis. Martin Fey is a joke

  13. Carter says:

    Martin Fey says “The Democrat party passing fictions as truths”. First off, I would suggest learning some basic grammar but your party wants to away with the Department of Education so that would be pointless. As far as fictions go, how much of the taxpayers money has been wasted in endless recounts and pointless lawsuits in the name of Donald J. Micropenis over the most secure election in history? In a short time this country will abolish the electoral college, then the GOP will go the way of the Whigs.

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