How does Connecticut benefit – Open Letter to my Senator

Open Letter to Senator Blumenthal,

Consider, on the same day: I read my U.S Senator, that would be you, is proposing to expedite processing of Middle East refugees into Connecticut; and, that our government, no one, has any ability to check the status of any of the mostly Muslim “refugees”. As testified by DHS to Congress, no such database exists, anywhere.

Are they truly refugees or are they migrants subject to immigration laws? Are they criminals, are they terrorists? How do we know?  We do know that over 70% are adult males which is not the typical profile of refugees. So we have no clue who these people are, and no means to determine who they are, and you, my Senator want to expedite induction into Connecticut. That may make sense to you and some other people, but not me.

Please sir, to demonstrate your personal commitment and benevolence to the cause, let us know how many “refugees” will be moving into your home, and into your Greenwich neighborhood. I must have missed the headline announcing Greenwich is offering to house 1,000 “refugees”.

Here’s an idea: I challenge you and Governor Malloy to launch an on line site that allows “progressive citizens” to voluntarily sign up to accept a Muslim “refugee” into their home like a foreign exchange student.  Help them assimilate, pay their way, ensure they pose no security threat. 1,000 “refugees”, 1,000 “progressive” volunteer homes. If five people sign up, that’s how many we take in.  Based on your wealth, I’m assuming you can comfortably take responsibility for 1,000 of them all by yourself. Or, are you the typical politician who believes in charity using other people’s money, and so long as it does not impact your neighborhood, your town, your security, your lifestyle?

Sir, do you have no concept of the harm and chaos you are creating? Do you even consider the negative consequences your policies will have on the hardworking citizens of Connecticut and their towns? Do you care that citizens of Connecticut are broke, have no money to pay for your charity, not able to properly care for the citizens we have? Do you believe Connecticut citizens will be safer and more prosperous as a result?

Please sir, exactly how do the citizens of Connecticut benefit from what you propose?  Please focus answer on we Connecticut citizens.

From my analysis of the matter, it seems, the only citizens that benefit are you and Governor Malloy.

You both get to demonstrate your “progressive” bona fides to your political elite. A stepping stone to becoming one of the “progressive” oligarch. Which after all is what you both appear to desire most. And we citizens of Connecticut suffer.  Prove me wrong.  Tell Connecticut citizens how we benefit, our lives improved.

I look forward to your answers.

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