Second Grader Admonished for Writing her Name Correctly

Just another example of the malevolent outcomes from Common Core. In this example, a 7 year old girl correctly writes her name in cursive, and is admonished, warned several times by her teacher. To any right thinking person, this makes no sense.

So why is she admonished? Let me posit.

According to today’s “Educational Elites”, by writing in cursive, Alyssa is microaggressing her second grade peers, and the school has a “climate rubric” with a zero tolerance for bullying, and hurtful actions. She is performing beyond her grade level and this is not allowed.

You see, this 7 year old girl, at this moment, is more developmentally advanced than her peers, and that is not allowed. Not only is it not allowed, it is admonished, and considered hurtful to other children, as proscribed and sanctioned by the state’s rubrics.

Got that, a seven year old child writes in cursive and they are microagressing, being hurtful. Being above grade level is admonished. Do you see the absurdity? But this is the reality, and coming to a school near you sooner than you think.

You see, it makes no sense to admonish a second grader for writing their name correctly until it is put into the context of Common Core and the political and social justice goal to eliminate the student achievement gap.

One of today’s educational maxims is to consider each child “standard” and their educational development must be the same, common and standard for all ages at the same time across every town, across every state of the union, and eventually the globe for every child. No kidding, the globe is the UNSESCO goal. The hubris is not surprising.

The outcome, your daughter or son is not allowed to educationally advance at their level, rather, many will be slowed to the same level as all children. From a college readiness perspective, our high school students will be ready for community colleges, not selective colleges such as UCONN or Yale or any other selective college or university. Do not pretend, Common Core’s stated goal is to make all common, college readiness a minimum. I believe them.

Let no one pretend, a primary objective of Common Core and the “Educational” and “Political” elite is closing and eliminating the student achievement gap. Every decisions is made with this in mind and therefore Alyssa’s admonishments. You see, Alyssa is seven, and really doesn’t understand why writing her name correctly in cursive is wrong and bad. And, this matters not to the elites. Parents will be lied to and bullied into compliance, it’s no more complicated than that.

Friends, please understand what is going on with the education of your children and grandchildren as the Federal government assumes total control of our local public school systems (what they eat, what they learn is just the start- their goal is what they think). When we discuss the education of our children. nothing less than the future state of our Republic is at stake. They now want to mandate the state takes them at age four in their preK, to PreK, initiative.

Unfortunately, IMO, you can no longer trust teachers, principals, and superintendents. They are all being brought to heel by the union and elitist boot. Local BOEs? All that I know have been like sheep, they go along to get along, and by law beholden to the state BOE, not local citizens. Common sense and the education of our children sacrificed at the altar of the state.

Our children and grandchildren suffer and deserve better.

What is occurring is not good, and doing nothing, not paying attention is a choice. We can make a difference.

Message me if you want to learn more, get involved, make a difference.



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