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The Despicables

Connecticut Democrat political leaders are despicable.  They control both the Senate and House in our General Assembly, and they have not yet produced a budget.  They are letting Malloy rule the roost as they bicker amongst themselves.  The only item … Continue reading

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The Southern Strategy and Changing History

As student of history and politics, I’ve always been fascinated on how the Democrats were able to paint the Republican Party as the party of racism, contrary to the objective truth to the opposite.    Did history change?  Certainly in the … Continue reading

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Obama Says Race Relations Better, Really?

President Obama told me tonight race relations are better.  Really. Apparently, President Obama has missed the protests, rioting, looting and property ablaze that occurred across our entire country over the past two years, led by the group Black Lives Matter … Continue reading

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Reasonable People, Child’s Play, and a Banana  

It’s all starting to become quite clear. As I understand, an email string from John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager and former counselor to President Obama, and Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s top aide, reveals what’s really going on. Simply, Hillary was not … Continue reading

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