The Bias of Omission, Denigrating Catholics and Media Suppression

As a Libertarian in a minarchist sense, and student of politics, it is sad to see what has become of our supposed fourth estate, the profession of journalism, and especially investigative reporting in the mold of Woodward and Bernstein.

At best, the main stream media (MSM) print and broadcast, with a few exceptions, has become nothing but propaganda for one party with a statist, Leftist ideology offering mostly a daily dose of slovenly “reporting”, bias, and suppression. For my younger friends, look up Pravda.

Now, certainly this is not new, but I must say, in over thirty years of watching politics, the MSM today is most ruinous to the knowledge of our society and laughably one sided. They no longer hide their pretense. They wear their contempt for those they disagree on their sleeves.

Where is H.L. Mencken when you need him?

Did you know President Obama has over 30 former journalists working in his administration? Many top officials have very intimate relations with many media elites. It is incestuous my friends, unlike any time in our history.

Today, the Press allows certain candidates and government officials to approve and edit their “reports”, pick and choose the quotes used, offer clarifications for the print/broadcast going to the masses. They secretly provide one candidate questions to a debate. They edit videos to alter meaning so as to harm or mock or to support the narrative they want to push.

It’s not surprising, 96% of media political contributions go to Democrat candidates. Only 7% of reporters/journalists self-identify as Republican.

Consider, you are a famous news reporter, you are selected to be a presidential debate moderator and you do not ask Hillary Clinton a single question on the Clinton Foundation and the apparent pay for play, or her Wall Street speaking fees, or her dealings with U.S. uranium reserves with the Russians as Lester Holt did? How is that possible if you are being honest?

He asked one perfunctory question on her email, and moved on, as they all do after she says it was a mistake, as if that answers everything. Never made her answer for her obvious lies of not ever sending or receiving classified emails as reported by FBI Director Comey.

He and NBC, gave her a free pass and we citizens are no better informed. Our knowledge on the matter not advanced. All to advance their self-interest and illiberal ideology.

According to a recent Hill article, in one night on ABC, CBS, and NBC, 23 minutes were dedicated to alleged sexual misconduct by Trump. You know, like Herman Cain alleged.

Proven lies by Hillary’s campaign, the new damning emails being exposed by WikiLeaks received 1 minute and 7 seconds combined. Average 22 seconds per network compared to a seven and a half minutes per network drumbeat of negativity about Trump.

Got that. There is proof Clinton’s campaign is colluding with the media, denigrating Catholics, NAACP, and Latino voters, expressing sympathies for Wall Street, and a real desire for open borders. The MSM provides 1 minute and 7 seconds combined reporting. Ratio of broadcast negative news Trump to Hillary 23:1.

The next day they measured print journalism based on the NYTs, the thought leader for illiberal journalism. 11 negative reports on Trump. None on Hillary. No mention of her WikiLeaks scandal. A ratio of 11:0 against Trump.

Their plan is to ignore Hillary’s corruption, it will just go away, the masses will never know, and their new female messiah will be crowned. They will destroy Trump using any means they can. I’m waiting for Dan Rather to emerge with a letter from Donald’s 6th grade teacher proving he got a detention for pulling a girls hair verified by Brian Williams and the girl is now filing a lawsuit.

This my friends is how media suppression works. There is collusion and a high reliance on ignorance and complacency by the masses instilled through 12 years of indoctrination.

You understand the lie of omission, this is the bias of omission and but one way the media manipulates you the masses.

See full the full Hill article here:…/301285-media-and-trump-bias-not-even-t…

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