How Incompetent are You Guys, Innocently Stupid or Corrupt; and Don’t Forget the GOP Fools

Below is an article from Don Pesci on Connecticut’s debt and fiscal problems and the probability of the Governor increasing our taxes, again.  

You’ve got to ask yourself:  Governor Malloy, Mr. Don Williams (Democrat Party Leader), last year, you got what you asked for, no debate, no discussion; a $1.5B tax and use fee increase, the largest in our state’s history.  Half way through this year you tell us we can expect a $362 million deficit this year, and we have a possible $3 billion problem over the next three, and you’ve signed all your long term union contract agreements for the state. 

How incompetent are you guys?  Or is it, by design?  This is not how good stewards of the people’s money behave, whether you are innocently stupid or corrupt. 

Don Pesci makes a good case; a logical outcome from the Governor and the Democrat party is higher taxes.  I’m shocked.  Our elected officials lied to us.   

He also points out how feckless is the CTGOP.  Neither Malloy nor Williams needs anything from the GOP to pass what they want.  The GOP speaks to an empty chamber, consulted like a leper.  It’s how one party rule works, they do what they want, state constitution, liberty and good conscious be damned. 

Someone told me they thought CT was like a canary in a coal mine for our federal government.  CT is surely a canary along with other canaries around the country (e.g. CA, IL), it’s like a race to the Federal Bailout window.

Don concludes:

    Republicans in the General Assembly no doubt will recall they were unceremoniously stiffed in the earlier session that now has given birth to a $362 million deficit. Mr. Malloy did not need Republican good will to arrange his deficit producing first budget, which included the largest tax increase in Connecticut history, and Democrats were on the whole delighted to see Republicans playing the fool. Nor will the governor need Republican support in the creation of his second fiscal year budget, which may entail similar Potemkin Village savings and yet another massive tax increase. Republican leaders in the General Assembly should prepare now for the possible stiffing – before they negotiate with the governor to liquidate in special session the Democrat’s first imbalanced deficit ridden budget.

     To do otherwise would be to play the fool most progressives in the dominant Democratic Party believe Republicans to be: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. There are some happy signs that voters, already stung by massive tax increases, will not during the next elections be inclined to suffer fools gladly.

Don’s full article can be found here:

Hartford is a mess.  Best I can tell, there has been one party rule in the General Assembly for two decades plus, and we citizens continue to pay more and more taxes, and Connecticut becomes a less attractive place to live, retire, or do business.  We are not getting our monies worth.

Good stewards of the people’s money, our elected officials are not, by any measure.  See the figure below. 

Ct spending


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3 Responses to How Incompetent are You Guys, Innocently Stupid or Corrupt; and Don’t Forget the GOP Fools

  1. Pelhech says:

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  2. Muhmmad says:

    Robert, thanks for ptnuitg this up. It’s important that people begin to realize that there is an agenda involved here. It is a plot to take away our rights. While I am a member, I’m not always a big fan of the NRA. Sometimes they play too many political games, but on this they are 100% correct. Who knows better where the guns come from than the cartel members themselves. Besides, we are talking about groups with millions and millions of dollars at their disposal. Are we really supposed to believe that they aren’t able to have mass quantities of any gun they want delivered to them? These one and two at a time AK47s are nothing. These drug lords are using full auto stuff, and that isn’t cheap or readily available in quantities here. Do the math people, we are being lied to about this

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