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Government Knows we are Dullards

On 11 June, our governor, Dannel Malloy, vetoed an Education Bill that was unanimously passed by CT’s General Assembly (GA). The Bill implemented a state wide ban on chocolate milk in our school systems. When people found out and the … Continue reading

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GOP Candidate for Governor Mark Boughton Meets with the Quiet Corner Tea Party

At our last member meeting, Republican candidate for Governor and current Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton introduced himself and spent an evening answering a multitude of questions about many different issues (about 60 in attendance).  Here are my thoughts and notes from … Continue reading

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Washington and Hartford: Disdain for the Rule of Law and Abuse of Power

Nowadays, for those in power both in Washington and in Hartford, there is a willful disdain for following the rules of law and governance.  At both the State and Federal level, our progressive friends have progressed our government to where … Continue reading

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Secret Meetings in Hartford, to Rule and be Ruled

As Aristotle instructed, “the virtue of a citizen is the capacity to rule and to be ruled”. The secret meetings and usurpation of our state and federal constitution by the King and Prince of Hartford are stunning.  For Governor Malloy … Continue reading

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Governor Malloy Writes Check and We are to be Grateful

As reported, our governor accepted a free trip to Washington DC to attend a big social event (White House Correspondents’ Dinner) at the expense of a large corporation so he could hob nob with the inside the beltway Pols and … Continue reading

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Malloy Lies to Nation on CNN; CT Gun Maker Speaks the Truth

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”  – attributed to Socrates In an interview with CNN, Governor Malloy demeans and slanders the gun industry painting them as irresponsible businessmen with no regard for public safety.  … Continue reading

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How Incompetent are You Guys, Innocently Stupid or Corrupt; and Don’t Forget the GOP Fools

Below is an article from Don Pesci on Connecticut’s debt and fiscal problems and the probability of the Governor increasing our taxes, again.   You’ve got to ask yourself:  Governor Malloy, Mr. Don Williams (Democrat Party Leader), last year, you got … Continue reading

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